Furnishings for stays and bedrooms

Mobilificio LM was founded in 1978 by young entrepreneurs trained in the best factories of that time placed in the Pesaro department. At the beginning its production was exclusively for the Arab market where in a short time it has become a company of reference.
In the 1990’s it began to expand into the European market, where it is nowadays a renowned and appreciated brand putting quality and services at first place.

All this is possible thanks to two factories provided with technologically advanced production lines where the manufacturing process is carefully followed from its first stages up to the finished product.

Taking advantage of the experience and logistics of a group that has long been consolidated, Mobilificio L.M. produces various collections with very fast delivery times.


Mobilificio LM

Via Alessandrini, 15/A

Montecalvo in Foglia (PU) 61020


Phone: +39 0722 580376

Fax: +39 0722 580363


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